The Path to Healing: A 6-week series to help guide you on your path to health

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The path to healing is very personal. We each have our own journey in this life and it isn’t without pain or trauma. And at some point in our lives (or at multiple points), we get to the place where we can’t go on any longer in the state we are in. Whether it is physical, emotional or spiritual pain, we must face something within ourselves that needs attention. And our bodies are equipped to tell us we must pay attention or else the consequences can be devastating.

The body is a messenger. The state of our physical, emotional and spiritual health are sending us messages constantly. Sometimes they come in whispers and sometimes they come in shouts. At first we may hear a quiet message. It may come in the form of an emotion. Maybe we are feeling angry or sad or anxious. Or maybe the message presents itself in our physical body. We may have a headache or stomach ache. Sometimes these symptoms just come and they go. They aren’t significant or long lasting. They could be situational or circumstantial and not long lasting. But if something persists…if the “down” feeling persists and steals our joy for weeks or months. Or if the occasional headache turns into daily headaches or migraines, then we must pay attention. And thus begins our search and our path to healing.

I always believe that whenever we actively seek answers that we will find them. It may take longer than we had hoped for, but if we keep pressing on with our eyes, ears, minds and hearts open…eventually we will find the answers. Sometimes the answers bring immediate relief. Sometimes, we don’t like the answers and we fight them in our grief of letting go of something we have been holding onto. Even if it has been something that has been hurting us. And sometimes after we get our answers we feel overwhelmed by the steps ahead. This is the beginning of the healing process. And it may take time, but our bodies will tell us we are on the right path. That things are getting better. That we feel better. That it isn’t the easy path, but it is the only path to freedom. Stay on it and you will be rewarded. Go off course, and you will begin to feel that old familiar pain. This is designed to keep us on course. We must stay awake. We have to continue to pay attention to the messages our bodies are sending us.

I have come across many who are seeking answers in need of healing, in my practice and in my personal life. As I listen to the stories of physical or emotional pain or unrest, I always see how they are connected to our spirit. Something is amiss or unbalanced. It may be a job situation or a relationship or what we are eating or how we are taking care of ourselves. Something in our lives needs attention. We need to start working on making changes. And it is does require work. The first step is realizing and accepting this. Sometimes that is the most difficult step. And then the next step is beginning on our journey of healing. We are navigating into the unknown. But the answers will come as we are ready and do the work. This is the time to pay attention along the way, to keep our eyes, ears, minds and hearts open. You will get to the other side. Pain is often the catalyst to healing. To heal not only our physical and emotional pain, but also our spiritual pain. Then, when we are restored back to health, we will have the energy to live our life fully. To be able to do what we were meant to do in this life. My hope is that anyone who reads this, wherever you are in your journey, that you are reminded of this today. We were created to do great things in this life. We were created to live life abundantly. And I’m not telling you it’s going to be easy, but I guarantee that it will definitely be worth it. Annnnd go!

Being Gentle With Ourselves

Moving forward in your life. Learning from the past. Be gentle with yourself.

Moving forward in your life. Learning from the past. Be gentle with yourself.

It's time to give yourself a break. Quit being so hard on yourself. Let go of perfection. Let go of the fact that you may have failed at something. Let go of mistakes. You are human. It is inevitable. Forgive yourself if you need to. Make a list of your mistakes and light it on fire. It is behind you. Start fresh today. Only this time try being gentle with yourself. Understand that your path won't be perfect. It will be filled with road blocks and mistakes and failures. The blessing is that this is your chance to practice getting up, wiping off the dirt and the tears, and looking at the challenge straight in the face, and telling yourself that it's okay. That you are learning. That you will get through this. That you will get to the other side. Because this is your path. It may not be pretty, but it is perfectly designed just for you. Who wants a pretty path anyways? You want it to be rocky. You want the terrain to be rough. Because when you make it out to the other side, you won't ever want to go back. Sometimes, you need to throw a match down behind you. Don't worry about burning bridges. Maybe the bridge behind you needs to be engulfed in flames. How else will you be forced to look forward and face what is ahead? There is no turning back now. You have the strength. You can do this. Don't look back. You have used your past to give you the strength to do this. Now get up. Wipe off the dirt. Wipe off those tears. Hold your head up high. Look forward. You've got this! Aaaaaannnnd GO!