The Forgotten


Sixty percent of my clients are women. Many of them are mothers, caregivers, full-time working women. Successful in countless ways. But they come into my office. Defeated. Their health has suffered. Their bodies have suffered. The years, maybe even decades, of taking care of children, friends, partners, spouses, parents have taken their toll. They've forgotten one thing. Themselves. 

I have had a few younger women in their twenties and early thirties come in who are set on getting in shape. Their goals are to feel better and to do something healthy for themselves. I like to tell them how great I think it is that they are doing this for themselves now. Establishing healthy habits now that they can carry with them throughout their careers, potential motherhood, etc. Every time I say this I see them as they process the idea. Is it too much? Is it selfish of me? Maybe I should be doing more for others? But then I remind them, if you take care of yourself you are setting an example. Being healthy is contagious. You will be able to help others with more energy and for more years to come. So go on. Drop the guilt. Focus on being healthy. It's okay to care for yourself as much as you care for others. 💜💪🏼