Frequently Asked Questions

Here you'll find a list of some frequently asked questions about nutrition therapy, our practice, and what you can expect as one of our patients. If your questions aren't answered below, feel free to contact us.

Is Rhode Island Nutrition Therapy Right for Me?

If you answer yes to any of the following questions, you would most likely make a great candidate for nutrition therapy, and should consider contacting us to further evaluate your unique situation.

  • Do you have a medical condition that would suggest that you may need to make some changes to your diet and/or lifestyle?

  • Has nutrition therapy been recommended by a doctor or physician?

  • Because of your schedule, or location, would it be difficult for you to regularly see a dietitian in person?

Is Medical Nutrition Therapy Covered by my Health Insurance?

While some services may have an out-of-pocket cost, many are, in fact, covered by your insurance provider, including these listed below.

RINT Accepted Health Insurance Plans

What Can I Expect as One of Your Patients?

Below is some information about our approach, and what you can expect from us.

  • Your initial session is typically treated as an informal interview, during which, we will discuss your goals in working with a dietitian, as well as paint a picture of your typical day. We will ask you questions about your:

    • Medical History & List of Medications (including any vitamins or supplements)

    • Family Medical & Weight History

    • Stress Level & Quality of Sleep

    • Appetite & "Dining Out" Habits

    • Level of Physical Activity Throughout an Average Day

  • Based on this information, we will create a personalized wellness plan, which will include nutrition and lifestyle goals that you wish to achieve during your time with us.

    • All goals are intended to be sustainable and realistic, and goals that do not fit into your lifestyle at this time will not be included.

  • Following our first session, you can expect to keep a food journal, to be discussed at our follow-up sessions, so that we may better adjust your plan, and implement additional changes.

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You will leave with a diet plan in hand, and a dietitian who has your back.